E-Life Guard Protection

3 wheel bike riding down street

Why you NEED an Extended Warranty for your E-Bike.

E-bikes are a fun and functional addition to our lives. From commuting and exercise to fun with friends, electric bikes are more popular than ever. E-bike extended warranties are the best way to protect your investment in a new electric bike. Hitting the road or trail on your new e-bike is your main focus when you get your new e-bike home. But what if something happens when you are riding? The motor on your electric bike as well as the battery will probably last a long time. However, those two items are the main cause of failure on any e-bike and can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

With an electric bike extended warranty from E-Life Guard Protection, you can now hit the road worry-free. You can remove the risk of expensive repairs on and enjoy years of riding without any unforeseen repairs coming out of your pocket.

So what’s covered under your electric bike extended warranty? The answer – The battery, the motor, and all labor. To request a copy of the full Terms and Conditions, CLICK HERE. Bottom line, if we can't fix it, your electric bike extended warranty will cover full replacement. What are you waiting for? Let’s get your new e-bike covered with an extended warranty and get you on the road.