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E-Tek - TekPro X (Bafang Hub-Drive Motor 750W/48V 14Ah)

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The TekPro X (Bafang Hub-Drive Motor 750W/48V 14Ah) will make your sunset cruise even more unforgettable. With the perfect combo of power, design, and safety the TekPro X comes equipped with Bafang Color display with USB port, bright LED lights, a large cargo rack, a 7-speed Shimano transmission, NUTT hydraulic disc brakes, and sturdy mudguards. The TekPro X is the market’s ultimate step-through bike.

Motor  Battery  Frame 
Bafang 750W  48V 14Ah Lithium Battery  Aluminum Alloy 
Fork  Brakes  Tires 
Aluminum Alloy  NUTT Hydraulic Disc  20″ x 4.0″
Chain  Gross Weight  Max Load 
KMC Z7 NP Stainless  72lb  250lb 
Range  Display  Mudguards 
Up to 30 mi (PAS)  860C Included 
Color  Lights    Gears
Gray/Black/White Front & Rear, Included   7-Speed Shimano
Derailleur  Cassette  Gear Lever
Shimano Shimano  Shimano
 Throttle  Charging Time  
Thumb (Right)  4-6 Hours