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E-Tek - Scout V7 (400W/48V 24Ah)

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The Scout V7 (400W / 48V 24Ah) has a powerful 400w motor and full disc brakes that will give you the boost and safety you need to get yourself anywhere. The 48V 24Ah lithium battery will take you 50-70  miles or more on one charge. The FUSION comes with a 4.2” LCD Display, Super bright LED lights (low/high beam), turn signals, electric horn, wheel locking alarm, mudguards, cargo box included and two-seater upgrade available. The FUSION is one of a kind due to its working pedal which allow customers full access to sidewalks without fear of being ticketed.  Take a safe and stress-free ride with your FUSION down the Beach sidewalks or the bike lane.

Motor type 400W
Motor power Powerful 400W
Rated Voltage 48 V

Battery range 30-40 Miles

Battery type 48V 24Ah lithium battery
Battery capacity 48V/24Ah
Frame Steel
Max. user weight 330 lbs
Transmission type Two speed mode
Front brake type Disc brake
Rear brake type Disc brake
Tire size 16 x 2.5 inch
Call or Text For Prices & Availability
call or text (530) 503-9000