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HOPPER (Bafang Mid-Drive)

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Hopper (Bafang Mid-Drive 1000W / 48V 17.5Ah) is one powerful mountain bike! The Hopper’s 1000w Bafang fully incased mid motor, 48V 17.5Ah Samsung lithium battery, 7-speed Shimano Transmission, GTMRK air suspension fork, KS air rear suspension, and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes make this powerhouse just as safe as it is fast.  The Hopper comes with a Bafang Color display with USB port, super bright LED lights. The hopper is in a class of its own given its ability to both excite the rider or help them unwind after a long day! 

MODEL Hopper ()
Motor type Bafang Mid-Drive 
Motor power 1000W
Rated Voltage 48 V

Battery range 30-45 Miles

Battery type 48V 17.5Ah 
Battery capacity 48V/17.5Ah
Frame Aluminium Alloy
Max. user weight 330 lbs
Transmission type 7-speed Shimano
Front brake type Tektro hydraulic disc brake E350
Rear brake type Tektro hydraulic disc brake E350
Tire size CST puncture-proof tire 26*4.0 inch
Call or Text For Prices & Availability
call or text (530) 503-9000